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Trail itinerary to Cabane Mont-Fort, Verbier 2457m

This legendary hut, located on the Haute Route, offers one of the most exceptional views of the mountains around Verbier. The spectacular panorama includes Mont Blanc and the Grand Combin. The traditional and warm alpine atmosphere and the tasty local dishes make it a must-see destination.

For this trail, the departure is at the arrival of the Ruinettes. We also sometimes leave from Croix-de-coeur or Verbier Village to extend our trail (Read: Summer trails itineraries in Verbier) and avoid the cost of the gondolas. The trail starts along the mountain, perpendicular to the main track. This first segment is flat and very common. We usually choose to take the main trail but it is also possible to take the biss trail which is more rugged. This part is often very frequented because it is easy to access and the only way between the restaurant le Dahu and the gondolas on foot. You can also admire the valley mountain range in front of you very clearly on cloudless days.

This flat segment ends at the Dahu restaurant, where the climb to the Mt Fort hut begins. The path to the hut is very well marked and without surprises. You will quickly see the hut overlooking the valley from its cliff. The last few meters are relatively steep and you may come across some mountain bikes on the way down (caution!). At this point, the hut is only a few steps away.

In addition to being a magnificent viewpoint on the valleys opposite, the Mt Fort hut is also a place renowned for its pies, soups, fondue, and cheese crusts.


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