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Trail itinerary to Mt Saleve for La Grande Gorge

Trail Information

Départ et arrivée du trail (Google map): Le Parking du Coin

Kilomètres: 8.7 km

Ascension: 702m

Temps: 2h30

Difficulté: Easy

Lien carte intéractive de l'itinéraire (Alltrails) : Lien

Starting the trail

The start of this trail is the same as the Orjobet trail. We drive to the parking at Le Coin at the bottom of the Salève with the car (French zone). Instead of starting the climb directly, the "Grande Gorge" trail starts on a relatively flat path where we can run for a few kilometers.

Grande Gorge

We especially appreciate this trail because it has four distinct phases: Running - Climbing - Running - Downhill.

The trail starts off quite flat for several kilometers. This is very pleasant. It allows us to get warmed up before the steep climb that awaits us in the second phase of the trail. The climb arrives quite quickly and is very steep from the beginning to the end. If you are in good shape, the climb lasts about 30 minutes. It is at the end of the climb that we see the big gorge on our right.

With the dogs

Similarly, to Orjobet, it is important to keep the dog on a leash during the climb as it is very steep. We usually take a long but very light rope that we tied to our dog's harness so it seems that it is loose but the dog is still secured. Also, we make sure to have at least one break in the middle of the climb for the dog as its tiny legs get a bit tired by the steepness of the climb.

At the top

Arriving at the top, this is where the fun part begins for us: the running part! As soon as we reach the pastures, we usually let our dog loose. Then we run until La Croisette. For those times when we feel motivated, we continue to run downhill until the end of the trails at Le Coin. However, sometimes having a fresh Rivella at La Croisette is everything we are waiting for!


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