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Two days summer hiking in Grindelwald with our dogs

Read about our summer weekend in Grindelwald, where we went with our two dogs hiking the Eiger trail and the Bachalpsee to the Faulhorn.


Grindelwald: A hiking weekend during summer

We spent a weekend in Grindelwald. To discover the village, and the main sights like the Eiger or the Jungfrauhoch, two days is enough. If you want to do some walking or hiking, with all the trails Grindelwald has to offer, more days on site can't hurt.

Twi days, two itineraries

We arrived early on Saturday morning with two things in mind: the Bachalpsee and the Eiger. We weren't planning to go to the Jungfrauhoch - not because it's not worth the trip, but simply because with the two dogs and the cost of the tickets, it would have been complicated.


DAY 1: L'Eiger Trail

On the first day, we parked the car at the Grindelwald Terminal directly on arrival. We didn't have the hotel until 3pm. Our aim was to take the Grindelwald Grund up to the Eigergletscher terminal, where the Eiger Trail began. The cost of the ticket up to L'Eigergletscher was 75.00 per person (excluding the Jungfrauhoch). Once at the top, a short stop to see the Eiger Glacier before starting the Eiger Trail.

Itinerary: Eiger Trail

The Eiger trail is 5.6km from Eigergletscher to the Restaurant Alpingen, where we took a small train back to Grindelwald. This walk can be done in either direction, depending on your desire for intensity, as the climb is 782m in positive altitude difference. It's a very pleasant walk, with a magnificent view of the glacier and Kleine Scheidegg. The dogs could be left unleashed all the way, as the path had no difficult or vertiginous sections. In addition, there were waterfalls all along the way, allowing the dogs to refresh themselves regularly.

Eiger Trail with dogs

Eiger trail in summer

Hiking with dogs
Hiking with dogs

DAY 2: Bachalpsee

This lake was the main reason we came to Grindelwald. Many times recommended, it didn't disappoint!

To avoid the crowds of tourists, we took the first cabin to Grindelwald First. Once at the top, we took the famous footbridge that leads to the must-see viewpoint over Grindelwald. As someone who doesn't like footbridges, I had to summon up all my courage to get to the end. Of course, if you're really afraid of heights, you can avoid it by passing through the restaurant. I really recommend getting there early, because even with the first cabin, we had to wait for a photo.

Grindelwald First
Grindelwald First

We then started our itinerary in the direction of Bachalpsee, with the summit of the Faulhorn at 2660m as our final goal.

Itinerary: Faulhorn by Bachalpsee

The itinerary starts at First and ends at Restaurant Bussalp, where we caught a bus back to Grindelwald. The total distance is 9.3km, with 550m of ascent and 930m of descent. The alternatives are manifold: you can of course simply make a round trip from First to the lake, or simply retrace your steps after reaching the summit of the Faulhorn.

Up to the Bachalpsee, the trail is very easy and pleasant, covering only 3.5 km and 207m of positive ascent. On this section, we kept our dogs leashed, especially the little Jack Russell, as there were pastures and lots of marmots. The arrival at the lake is just splendid. We were obviously lucky with the weather, but the view of the mountains beyond the lake was worth a little pause for contemplation.

The rest of the itinerary continues in the upper parts of the lake. The climb to the summit is 2.3km with 400m of ascent. The view from the summit was worth the detour. On arrival, we took a break at the Berghotel Faulhorn where we were able to refresh ourselves and enjoy a homemade pie. We leashed our dogs on the last few meters, as there are quite a few hollows on the summit, and also as the refuge is guarded by a (very friendly) dog.

In the footsteps of "Crash Landing in You

For fans of Korean drama, we can't help but visit the filming locations of Crash Landing on You (#CLOY) in Grindelwald. Son Ye-jin and Hyun-bin, the two protagonist actors of the series, were filmed at several iconic Grindelwald locations, including the Jungfrauhoch, Kleine Scheidegg, the Eiger glacier and the famous final scene at Gindelwald First. More details on official website Jungfrau.

Access and accommodation

Getting to Grindelwald is relatively easy: 2h45 from Geneva, and only 2h from Zurich. Cars are allowed in the village. As far as hotels are concerned, the notoriety of this place unfortunately has an impact on prices. For 200 Swiss francs, we found a shabby hotel that I wouldn't recommend. My advice would be to plan ahead or consider camping, where a tent or camper can be economical.

Another "tolerated" option in Switzerland is bivouac (or wild camping) on the sole condition that the tent is pitched just before going to bed and dismantled when you wake up - without fire or noise to avoid disturbing the wildlife. Long-term camping is strictly forbidden in these often protected areas. If you wish to do so, please consult Swisstopo  for information on protected areas, free zones and pastures


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