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Bivouac at the Comba Plâne (Pierre-Avoi), VS

We were finally able to make our first bivouac with Saki and Rio! With Saki still a puppy, we had to wait for her to grow up to take her with us.

For this first time, we chose a bivouac in the Verbier area, which we know like the back of our hand. The search for the perfect spot for our bivouac was not an easy task between the distinct frank, the quiet areas, and the flat grounds. The Comba Plâne was recommended to us by my cousin, a mountain lover who had already bivouacked there.

Entering marmot territory

With tent, mattress, and sleeping bag on our backs, we left at the end of the day towards the Sonalon (a restaurant) where we were going to park the car before starting the hike. In order to find a good spot, you have to leave early or come at the end of the day. Another option is to take the small bus up to the Sonalon from the central square. Our goal was to reach the Comba Plâne before sunset to enjoy the view, and the last rays to warm up and pitch our tent.

The climb is 4km with 500m of positive elevation gain. The last part of the climb is very steep and goes up through the rock to the Pierre Avoi. No great difficulty for the dogs as the path is well marked and there are no exposed areas. We still had to keep the dogs on a leash as this is marmot territory and a quiet area. There is no water or river past La Marlenaz, so we carried enough water for us and the dogs.

At La Comba Plâne

At the top, we were surprised by the landscape of the very flat and green plain. The ascent of the Pierre Avoi was unfortunately not practicable with the dogs due to the chains and ladders, so we finished the hike at the Comba Plâne. We pitched our tent on the western side of the plain, with the Pierre Avoi on our right, to enjoy the last rays of the sun.

Our equipment

As this was our first bivouac with the dogs, the aim was to test our equipment. Antoine's equipment is always top-notch. With his Mammut 30L polyvalent mountaineering bag, the two-person tent, a technical inflatable mattress, and his 0°- 5° sleeping bag, he had everything he needed. As for me, wanting to take the time to invest in adequate equipment, I took an old patched-up ski touring bag and my yoga mat as a mattress. I must admit that my back and my night suffered a bit.

The next day we packed up at first light and arrived home for breakfast. Even if we didn't sleep very well (due to bad equipment), this adventure was magical and the dogs loved being outside all evening.


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