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Trail itinerary to the Cabane Brunet

Cabane Brunet is one of my favorites! Not being on the ski area, the ascent to get to the hut crosses a huge forest where a very well-appreciated calm reigns. This hut is located at the edge of this large forest above the village of Lourtier. It is the meeting point of several passes and summits such as the Mt Rogneux, Col des Avouillons or the Grand Combin. In this area, you will also find the Cabanne FXB Panossière which will surely be the focus of a future itinerary.

The start of the route is above the village of Lourtier in a small car park. From there, a car-free path begins. Several paths lead to the hut. It is possible to follow the marked path to the top or to cut through the forest following the marked routes. Having done this climb only in winter, I don't know the state of the small paths in summer.

Perfect for the dogs

The path through the forest is beautiful. You soon forget where you are and when you are supposed to get to the top. This is a perfect hike to do with our dogs as there are no skiers descending into the forest, and there are no dangerous passages either. We often meet walkers or hikers with their dogs. The only drawback of this climb is that it is mainly in the shade because of the forest. We are careful to take the dogs only when the weather is good because they can get cold very quickly (especially our little Rio).

Once we arrive at the hut, the forest behind us, we can see, if the weather is good, Mt Rogneux in the distance and the Grand Combin. We usually have a little soup and a piece of local cheese at the hut before heading back down the low path.

Going further

For the brave hikers, the hike can continue to Mt Rogneux or other passes in the area. However, beyond the hut you are in the high mountains which means that some safety equipment is required in winter. I would also advise against going to Mt Rogneux in winter with dogs. They could cause accidents for other hikers.


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