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Our 8 walks in the canton of Vaud

Where do you go for a walk? Do you know a nice forest for walks in the canton of Vaud?

Here are our favorite walks when we feel like going on a small or big tour in nature. Being from the Rolle area, on the lake coast, our walks are generally in these surroundings.

Before I get into the list, there are a few rules to know about walking your dog in the forest or elsewhere. From April to July, it is forbidden to let your dog loose as this is the breeding period for small animals. The fine can be very high and there is a risk of driving animals out of the surrounding forests. In order to give our dogs some freedom, we tie them up with a long rope of 10-15 meters so that they can run around. Be careful also on hot days! We prefer a path in the forest to one in the sun.

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Walks in the vineyards

Walks in the vineyards are perfect for cooler days.

1) Around Mont-sur-Rolle

Above the church in Mont-sur-Rolle, we simply love to walk through the vineyards overlooking Rolle with a superb view of the lake. The dogs can be easily unleashed as there is no traffic or crossing roads. The walk can easily stretch to 30-40 minutes as you wind your way through the vineyards. The area is not secret though, we always meet many walkers and other dogs.

2) Through the vineyards of Perroy

Having lived in Perroy, we particularly like this small village of winegrowers. Similar to the vineyards of Mont-sur-Rolle, this is a walk we choose on a cool day as there is not a bit of shade or water. We zigzag through the vineyards and usually end up at the entrance of the village in the direction of Lausanne to admire the postcard view from a small bench placed exactly for that purpose. We usually stop for coffee and croissants - the best in the region for me - at the little Tea-Room in the centre of the village. We usually start from the village of Perroy.

Balade dans les vignes
Vignes Perroy

Forest walks

Perfect for hot summer days if you're looking for a little freshness.

3) "L'Embouchure" of Allaman

This magnificent walk is by far our favourite! We take the car and park here. Following the river, the walk takes us to the mouth of the river, where it flows into the lake. The whole walk is in the forest, and therefore perfect for hot days. At the mouth there is a small pebble beach where dogs are allowed - but on leash. We usually stay for a swim before heading back.

4) Ballens Forest, Saint Livres

Between Ballens and Saint Livres we like to wander through this large forest. It is very peaceful and we meet very few people on the way. During the breeding season it is important to keep the dogs on a lead, but outside this period the dogs can be let off completely. There are many small paths to discover. Beware of the main road through the forest. We usually park here to start the walk.

5) Marchissy forest

Great little walk in the forest of Marchissy. We went by car and parked at the entrance of the forest here The tour is very quiet, we didn't meet anyone. You have to expect to do some uphill but nothing too difficult. There are also no cars or roads and the dogs can be very free. We did this walk in February which was a bit early given the snow still on the path. Snowshoes are necessary if the walk is planned in winter.

6) The Arboreteum in Aubonne

The Arboreteum is a nature reserve well known to the inhabitants of Aubonne. It is a large nature park open to the public and very popular at weekends in the summer. We like to walk there with our dogs because the landscape is so beautiful. Between the types of fir trees from all over the world, the pond in the Asian garden and the Aubonne river that runs through it all, it's a really nice walk. There is plenty of shade and you can even stop for a picnic. In this park, dogs must be tied up to protect the fauna and flora.

Arboreteum du Vallon d'Aubonne
Arboreteum du Vallon d'Aubonne

Towards the summits

When we have a little more time, we love to get closer to the summits of the Jura vaudois

7) Cabanne du Cunay

At the intersection of the Marchairuz and the Mont Tendre, the Cabane du Cunay is located on the hill near the big atenne. It can be reached on foot from the Marchairuz or directly by car. You feel immediately in the mountains, and the view from the hill is panoramic on the whole lake and the mountains. The walk can be done in the vicinity of the hut or you can continue to Mt Tendre which is only a few kilometres away (see our trail route: Trail to Mont Tendre).

8) La Dôle

To get to the start of the walk, we park at the Chalet de la Dôle. The path is quite popular with hikers and families during the weekend. We go there relatively early so that we can park close to the chalet. It's a fairly long walk that we usually do at the weekend when we have a bit more time. The climb is gentle at the start and becomes a bit more vertical as we reach the top. The landscape is magnificent. When the weather is nice and clear, you can see the lake below (see the trail route: La Dôle).

Cabane du Cunay
Grand Cunay


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