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Trail itinerary to La Dôle

Start of the trail

Located in the canton of Vaud, La Dôle is a weather station overlooking Lake Geneva. A climb that suits everyone as it can be started from anywhere depending on the length desired. Great for dogs as they can be completely free! In order to reach the start of the trail, we drove to the Chalet de la Dôle where we left the car. This trail is only 4.5 km long and has a difference in altitude of 270 meters, but it can easily be combined with a second ascent to the Barillette or with a departure from St-Cergues. The trail is quite popular among hikers and families during the weekend. We went there relatively early to be able to park near the chalet.

Ascent to La Dôle

We were able to let Rio loose right away. The climb is gentle at the beginning and becomes a bit more vertical when arriving at the top. The landscape is magnificent, when the weather is nice and clear, you can see the lake down below. The trail crosses a small forest which dissipates the more we win in altitude.

At the top

The arrival at La Dôle can be a bit spectacular for those who have never noticed the big antennas overlooking the lake. The landscape can seem almost lunar with its large white orbs. We take the time to stop and give water to Rio before starting the descent.

Go back down

The descent is a little steeper than expected. We tied up Rio to secure her. It continues until the Col de la Porte, then the path becomes runnable.

Trail Information

Start and end of the trail (Google map): Chalet de la Dôle

Kilometers: 3.5 km

Elevation: 270m

Time: 1h30

Difficulty: Easy (T1)


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